Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Looking for an Internship

Seeing as there have been several people asking for this information, I think I'll post it up here.  To clarify: I am looking for a software development-related 6-week internship during July and August this year.

At the moment, I have a firm grasp of C++, and am comfortable in Python and C#.  I have some experience with SQL, and have dabbled in Haskell.  I am familiar with HTML, CSS, XML, YAML, and BNF, but have not used them often.

I enjoy learning about new algorithms and implementing them; as part of the introductory project at university, I implemented a local search algorithm, and I will be taking an Algorithms course next quarter (as opposed to in the second year).  I am curious about what could be done with distributed computing and evolutionary algorithms.  Apart from that, I find language design and implementation fun, and have some experience with writing parsers.

I am also curious about the way software is written professionally, and hope to learn a lot about the process, which I would not be able to do working on open source or homework projects.  This is the primary reason for looking for an internship as opposed to participating in an open source project.

By the summer, apart from the algorithms course, I will have followed courses on linear algebra, mathematical models and simulation, databases, data structures and graphics,.  I am also intending to at least start learning another programming language (either Java, JavaScript or Racket -- Java for the market opportunities, JavaScript to get more web experience and because it has prototype-based OOP, and Racket because it has built-in design-by-contract which I really like).

My resume can be found at http://careers.stackoverflow.com/agolov.

I am currently working on porting clReflect to Linux.

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